Risks of Experimenting with Drugs

A drug is any substance that negatively or positively alters the normal functioning of the body. There are three categories of drugs; sedative, stimulant and hallucinogenic drugs. On the other hand, risks are situations that expose one to danger. People who try things that they had never used before expose themselves to several dangers. Experimenting with these various types of drugs can endanger a person’s life and that of his/her society in many ways.

Sedative drugs include alcohol and heroine. They slow down the brain coordination of a person. This can expose one to several dangers. For instance, drunk drivers may lose focus of the road and cause accidents. This may result in physical impairment and death. Also, too much intake of alcohol leads to the poisoning of body organs such as kidney and liver. This greatly affects the normal functioning of the body and can also lead to sexual dysfunction in an individual.  Expectant mothers taking such drugs also endanger the lives of their foetus as this impedes development of its organs such as brain. In addition, certain drugs such as ketamine react badly with alcohol. Excessive intake of alcohol can leads to irresponsible sexual behaviour hence unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Stimulant drugs such bhang and nicotine produce anxiety in a person if taken in large quantity. They strongly affect the hypothalamus part of the brain which controls most of the brain functions. These drugs cause a state of euphoria, optimism and the general feeling of well-being. Moreover, they increase talkativeness, irritability and depression. Stimulants are dangerous to people with heart problems as they cause irregular heartbeats leading to high blood pressure. This can cause sudden death if not controlled in good time.

Hallucinogenic drugs alter the perception and feelings of an individual. They can lead to flashback and a state of feeling high. They bring about the persistence of memories of previous events with significant emotional attachment. Experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs can lead one into violence, abuse and irresponsibility.  Hallucinogen can negatively affect a person’s ability to work effectively and safely. Socially, hallucinogens can lead one to committing crimes that may lead to jail.

In conclusion, experimenting with drugs can ruin the education and career of individuals especially the youths. It can also affect the economic development of a country since people under the influence of drugs can never work properly.

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